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It has already been a year since last summer and I can't wait for week 4 and 6!!


Here are something you may not know about camp.
There are always ups and downs literally camp is on a hill.
Camp is a safe place to be who you are find yourself.
Meet people you may not meet in.your life.
Camp is a place we're your children can laugh play and learn about who they are.
Trying.new foods like Big Tuna's WORLD FAMOUS OATMEAL
Going boating with Boon and Sanya
Facing.your fears at high ropes with Doogle and Dot.
Singing songs with Nia,Topaz and Leadership.
Camp is a part of your life forever
It's were you grown up.
It makes you learn who we are.
Camp is a place to call home

Friendships Forever.

Via email

Dear Mrs. Hall & Wyevale United Church,

Thank you for helping me to go to Camp Simpresca! It was a blast! And a great experience for me. I made lots of friends and had a lot of fun! I hope that I can maybe go next year too! Some day I would like to be a counsellor there! Thanks so much!

Week 3 & 6 Summer 2014

Camp was amazing this summer despite the cool and wet weather. Both campers came home so happy to have gone. They loved the high ropes, the swimming, the boating and the funny songs they sang at meals and while doing all the activities. The counsellors were supper fun and friendly. Thanks for a second great year Camp Simpresca!

Camp 2014

My daughter just got back from camp. She has been home 3 days and can't stop talking about all the fun she had. She loved every minute, and loved everything from the activities, to the food. Thanks so much for helping make my daughters summer fantastic and memorable! We will be seeing you next year!!

friends are forever

my names Camryn I've been going to camp here since I was 6 and I've always had so much fun there. last year I went and started off quiet and shy and then I met my friend Matea... we instantly became friends we did high ropes together and swam together and now we hang out every weekend. camp simpresca is the best place to spend your summer!!!!

Camp RULES!!!!!

I can't wait! For camp! This is my 3rd year going! I just wish that it would come faster! I love it there it's so much fun everyone is so nice and caring there! I've met so many great friends there and there are so many fun activities to do there! Can't week 4 come any faster?!
See you week 4!

Camp simpresca has helped me

the summer of 2014 will be my 6 year at Camp simpresca and i have been counting the days till i leave. its 20 days and my bags are already packed thats how excited i am :) the counselours are absolutly fantstic. and they say friendship forever. i am still in touch with friends i met my first year at camp :) I HIGHLY recomend Camp Simpresca :)

I havve fond memories that have lasted many yrs

I attended camp simpresca from the age of 8 to the age of 14. I am a grown woman with a family of my own. I have such geat memories that I will be sending my children there!

Camp Simpresca is the BEST place on earth

I just came back from week one at camp and it was AMAZING I took 2 of my super good friends with me and it was their 1st time and my 5th or 6th and they loved it. Next year I am hoping to go to the L.I.T program that EVERYONE has suggested to me. one of my friends was really homesick at the start but the councilors knew how to handle it and by Wednesday she was having the best time of her life. Camp Simpresca is like my second home I always want to go back, I always have fun, and you always feel welcome and safe. I would definitely recommend going to camp i guarantee you WON'T regret it!!!!

Camp Was Awesome!

Camp of 2013 will be my third year at Camp Simpresca and i highly recommend it to all!!

My little man just came back

My little man just came back from his very first time at Camp. He attended Mini Session 1 and has not stopped talking about how much fun he had and asking to go back. He has told me that he loves it there and next time he wants to go back for 4 weeks instead of 4 days. Finlay (his counselor) was AWESOME he says! Thank you so much for making this experience such a great one for my son. You will have a camper for life with him. He is getting excited to return for Mini Session 2! <3

Camp Simpresca Lover For Life

I have been coming to Camp Simpresca since I was 8 years old! I've been coming every summer, and I have loved it every time! I've brought many friends who have also enjoyed this camp and also return each summer! I look forward to coming to camp this summer. I also hope to become and LIT the next summer! :D Can't wait! :D
-Camp Simpresca Lover

once was a camper then became counseler

I will never forgot my times as a camper. All the new friends the games and learning how to swim and paddle in a boat. As I grew older I was very luck to become a counseler and pass all those fun things on to other kids I cant wait to send my own kid to camp. This camp is world renouned in my eyes. Couldnt
Ask for a better place to send your kids its been a long time since I been to simpresca but it feels like just yesterday I was their I learned a lot of things to help me Iin life and I will always remember simpresca
Thanks for the great memories

Maturing at Camp Simpresca

My daughter has been attending Camp Simpresca for 2 years as a camper and last year as an LIT. What a difference from her first time there, when she was crying and didn't want to go to now when she is constantly asking about returning this summer as a CIT. She gained confidence, matured and takes responsibility for her actions. Her out-look has changed at school and she is doing well there. She has even decided that she would like to be a Social Worker in the future. Thank you to all the caring staff at Camp Simpresca!

Hello (will always remmber)

Hello, camp Simpresca my friend post a picture of him being at your camp and thats how i meet him was at your camp i remmber going there every year for a week for 5 years in a row, i wish that i could go back but sadly i am 17 years old to old to go i wish that i could live there for ever theres not a moment when your bored your always having fun, the food is great the games and every day your there is different, there is no possable way you can hate your camp, i hope that this camp lasts forever keep up the great work

Best Place Ever

I'm going back in a week from now and I can't wait!!!

I went to camp simpresca for

I went to camp simpresca for one summer 40 years ago and it was the best place to be. The memories have stayed with me. My children went every summer for 8 years then cit and lit training and are now staff there. Keep doing whatever you are doing Camp Simpresca!!

Camp is My Life

Camp has been one of the best things in my life for the last 6 years, I've spent some of the best moments of my later childhood year and I look extremly forward to this summer. Between being a camper and LIT I've learned a lot of incredible skills. At Simpresca I'm not afraid to be myself and let my free spirit out. Looking forward to CIT!
Busta <3

Camp is Unreal

I love camp Simpresca!!! I went to camp as a kid for 7 years then last year i became staff. it is one of the most amazing places in the world and you truly do make friendships forever...its that one place where i know i belong.
-Chai <3

My Camp Simpresca Life

Going to this camp for my first time really changed my life. My first time coming to this camp was in 2006 when I was ten years old. I was very nervous going because at the time, the only place I felt safe was at home. I only felt safe at home because throughout my life at school, I've been running into a lot of bullies and it was a very tough, hard situation considering to how I didn't know how to stop the situation from continuing, or possibly getting worse. I was worried that I was going to bump into that kind of situation again at Camp Simpresca. However, there was nothing like that at Camp Simpresca because the camp counsellors provide much more than just a fun experience for the campers, and they're one of the best role models you'll ever meet. Going to this camp is all about making new friends and being yourself. I've been going to camp ever since '06 and i still enjoy going to this camp. My memories of this camp last a lifetime and so will your child's.


I love Camp SImpresca

I've gone to this camp for years and love it! Camp Simpresca has been one of the best experiances of my life!

This camp has provided me

This camp has provided me with the greatest summers of my life! It truly helped me come out of my shell and work towards leadership positions. If I had not attended camp Simpresca I do not know who i would be today.

Camp Simpresca is the

Camp Simpresca is the greatest place in the whole entire world!!! I had such an amazing time when I was there. Can't wait until next summer!!

just finished L.I.T

i have been going to this camp for a number of years now and it just keeps getting better and better. You really connect with everyone and its like having a second family. i always have tonnes of fun and am left with ggreat memories after every summer at camp. when my 3 weeks of being an L.I.T ended this week i didnt want to go home.
best camp ever


I, Spencer Caston went to

I, Spencer Caston went to Camp Simpresca last week and had a great time. We started our day with a morning dip, then had a yummy breakfast. We would play games, do crafts, have swim lessons or free swim, every other day we climbed high ropes. We had great meals, I met lots of new friends and had a blast. Night time brought camp fires and songs. I enjoyed myself so much that I am going back for another week in august.
Spencer Caston

cabin counslers

they were always there when I was sad. and very polite to me too. that is one of the reasons i am coming back agin this year, but with friends!

My Kids!

My kids have been to Camp Simpresca for the last 2 years. They have both faced fears and learned to be more self-sufficient, as well as having made new friends. We are looking forward to year number 3!

Proud Dad

No better place

Simpresca is an amazing place. I was a camper there for about 5 years then L.T.T, C.I.T and then a staff member for 5 summers.
IT has been about 6 summer's since I have last worked there but I think of it every summer. I have many many all great memories from all the summer's I spent at Simpresca. From Arts and Crafts, sports and games, swimming in Georgian Bay, the amazing staff and the great friendshps I made. I also went on some great trips for leadership which I sometimes still brag about when I get the chance. You learn many skills at Simpresca from life skills, to sports, to skills you will use everyday. I would not be the person I am today with Simpresca.
I truley miss the camp fires-where else can you act that silly?

I attended this camp as a child

I remember it was a very positive life changing experience. I came back for several years, and then ended up working at the camp as a Counselor in training.